Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Completion of OTChi Kocchi

“Thank you for supporting 3-AR Studios over the last year! We are excited to announce have reached a point of completion for the entire first game! We encourage current fans to continue Shirou's adventure's with the girls of OTChi Kocchi! The game has been priced at only $10. With 21 endings to discover and over 20 characters to interact with, the world of OTChi Kocchi has expanded beautifully.

The game can be downloaded here.

Feel free to post any reviews to your personal and/or business blogs. We ask that you provide a link to  
 We hope to have merchandise up on the site quite soon. Currently there are two spin-off games available: "Chibi Kocchi" and "Noda+Naruko's Naughty Nights". (The latter being 18+)
We will keep you guys informed on future enhancements or side products related to OTChi Kocchi here. Any new ventures by 3-AR will be documented on it's official site here
We are off to roll out the official release at Ohio's own Matsuricon this weekend in a panel titled: "Making and Marketing a Visual Novel: Our Experience."  Thanks again for all of the support and feedback. We couldn't of done this without you all! " 



  1. Any chance of a Linux release? The first part was fun, but I only see a Windows/Mac Release. Don't have a Mac and I'm not too keen on using Windows if I can help it :)

  2. What is your email? I can provide you with a link for the Linux version.

  3. Please make the Linux version available for purchase. In the meantime, however, it's actually fairly easy to add Linux support to any Ren'Py game. Basic idea is to grab the Ren'Py SDK from, copy the linux folders from lib in the SDK into lib in the game, and copy the and files, too. Then just run, and your game will start.