Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Year

I'm not very good with dates.  The reason I married my wife on 9-5 is that her birthday is on 5-9; one less thing to recall!  Even one of my dearest friends from Ohio animecons...I got her age wrong by a year.  Stupid writer is stupid, as my Aoi would say.

There's much more to say than this, but I want this post on 4 August 2013.  For whatever reason, one year ago, once upon a time, I sent a text message to someone who is now a close friend of mine, saying, "Why don't we make a visual novel?"

I thought I sent this on August 7. 

No... August 4.  What prompted me to check?  No rational answer.  As I offer this entire project to God, then I'd guess it was the Holy Spirit.  Seriously:  my family's out of town, I've been drinking since noon, and it just occurs to me that "hey! your VN anniversary is really the fourth!"

Yeah.  It just occurs to me.  Sorry:  too old to buy meta-rationalization.  Show me data.

Bigger update to follow, but for our sake, I had to post this now.  This past year...has been unimaginable!  Such hard work!  But so, so happy!  And there is still so much more to come!

What is it Jerry Pournelle once wrote?  "Code Tiger:  God bless us; there's none like us!"

God bless my friend, Will Deonne.

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