Friday, August 2, 2013

Delta Verson, Complete!

Commented out several sound f/x and what will be the new themes, and this beast passed its code test and successfully complied into Win and Mac versions!

We are now in stage Gamma:  the last of the sounds will go in while we also check for errors.  I think (!) the points system is solid and will not produce any unexpected results.  Just know this:  recall that one of the themes of this game is "dithering kills."  I am also personally very big on loyalty.  There are Good, Bad, and Neutral Ends depending upon the choices you make.  There is even at least one True End... but every single decision you make must be the correct one!

In fact, there are 21 ends in all, just shy of 80,000 words, and something like 50 menus.  All for just US$9.99!  Seriously.  The price of a paperback these days is what, $12-$16?  And paperbacks don't have great art, music, sounds, and a story that you control!  Hmmm... should we be charging more...?

Whatever.  It's been an amazing year.  Another one coming up!

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