Sunday, July 14, 2013

"I see..."

I almost see an end.  LINT tells me about 80k words... half what I expected eight months ago, but then I never knew Aris and Aoi had sequels, either.

Blood pressure diastolic has kept spiking over 90 long enough to piss off my family MD and dentist.

"Too busy"  Is my reply.  I'm onto something here, and with the Sight granted me, Will shall have images within a fortnight. 

Tweaks to the story:  a Good End for Atti; the True End is best, of course; but hard.  Will says I love her too much to let anyone else near. 

Feh:  I manifest  myself as Aya and write another 1000 words for Aoi... if you do the right thing.

And a twist to Rimu's End... who knew that my RIVAL would end up there and try to take her away from me?  Another Bad End..

PyTom tells me I cannot make the screen ripple when Aoi accidentally almost destroys the world!
I must find another way.  The world... not the ripple; I've faith in PyTom.

An Alpha Release on 20 August?


Pray for us.

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