Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's that in the road? A head?

Just looked over my Aoi notes from some months back.  This should go pretty fast.  Not only are the notes more detailed, by way of the story, not so much direction, but her and Aris' stories are much shorter.  Knowing for a fact that you're planning a sequel gives The Writer much needed breathing space.

It's not as if I'm going to be cheating anyone of story... far from it, in fact; the way Aoi's story developed (thanks for the kick in the head, Will!) means that the seven pages I'd originally hand-written into the aforementioned sequel, "Aoi's Gone!" are now largely integrated into her OK story.  Will's idea, again, and it makes good sense:  in Rimu's path there are the unique characters of Jun and Izumi; in Atti's, it's Mitch and Will (not that Will, another one).  My first pass with Aoi had no-one like that; so, after that kick in the head, I pulled Aoi's friend, Aya (what is it with all these "A" names???) forward from her manga prequel, and back from being the central character in the sequel.

Aya's an interesting person, and much like kudzu in the lawn, could take over if I'm not careful; imagine a Lawful Good Evangeline A.K. McDowell... who likes to drive on the M6 in the UK at 150 kph, specializes in information-magic, and is fanatically loyal to Logres.

So, not so much lots of exposition, but lots of travel:  east to the beach, north to Hokkaido, south to Aoi's home in Nagasaki.  Poor, bewildered Shirou... lost in the Blind Spot.

"If you puke on me, I'm leaving you nowhere!" Aoi shouts.

But who is the mysterious man in the shadows following?  Why does Aris hunt him?  Is this all good fun, or, after breaking too many rules of those living The Life, will it all end in a bloodbath?

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