Friday, May 3, 2013

"The Three Faces of Atti"

At least that's the echo I get from what Shirou sees during that first dinner over at Atti's place.  Scenes 1 & 2 of Act 2 are complete.  Two more Scenes to go, then two more Acts... although her Act 4 is relatively (for me) short.

I know it's the weekend and Will has RealLife(TM) stuff to deal with, but I'm hoping he takes a look at this.  He actually knows military widows and much of what I wrote over the past two days is based on my interviewing him.  I'm hoping I got it correct.

*chuckle* I do which he'd do a background scene of when Atti unexpectedly kisses Aris on the mouth... my mental image of that is hilarious.

And Yuki does not like orange vegetables.  No sir.

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  1. The dialog is looking fine to me. I had the kitchen scene going a little different in my head, but it worked out nicely.