Friday, May 3, 2013

Stick a Fork in Rimu

Done script is done.  Mostly.

Six days ago completed the script for Rimu's complete arc, acts 2-4. It's got about 2/3 of the code already imbedded. Right now, it's 19,500 words, but I'm sure I'll edit that down by at least 10-15%. There are six menus, and at least nine times where a flag/points check occurs.* Unlike Act I, where you're getting to know all four characters, I was surprised how much more difficult it was to focus onto a single woman. I hope the next three go faster.

Atti's story is next, then Aoi, then Aris. Will was concerned that Aris' story would be 50k+ words, given her enormous history and my bad tendency to lecture, but I'm thinking to push the complicated Secondary World stuff into Aris and Aoi's sequels.

*And I've thought of where to add one last point check... creating a 'Neutral End.'

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