Friday, May 17, 2013

Status... now with more Screw-up!

About halfway through Atti's Act III; writing in fits and starts:  there's been too much RealLife(TM) crap this week, and it's starting to affect me.  To solve some of that, after working my crappy day job this weekend, I'm taking nine days off... to write and do whatever my wife tells me to do.

Some mixed news from this afternoon:

On the first hand, I made some changes to Act I for the final game; it's back in 'developer mode' and changed the coding about the points system and who you can select at the end.
On the second hand, I tried plugging in Rimu's A2S1... it's missing art, of course, but the thing actually ran!  I guess I do remember how to do some of this!
But, on the gripping hand, I was so enthused about all this that I totally forgot to pick up Daughter #1 after Strings Practice at school.  Ack!  And that made her late for swim team, too.

Thanks for the pageviews here, and please keep telling your friends and enemies about us!  The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about!

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