Monday, May 27, 2013

Running On Empty

And, that's largely it for Aoi.  Shorter, like I thought, and a bit more like a kinetic novel.  Around 12,000 words, 3 menus, 1 points test.  Things happen fast with her!  There are a couple of little scenes I'll flesh out more when I've seen the illustrations, but I think I can stick a knife fork in her, too.

I must say, this was much, much easier than the other two.  Not just because of this being Writing Retreat Week (which ends today), but I think also due to tone.  Sure, there are two bad ends (one of which hurt to write), but Aoi is a happy, loving and loveable person.  There was no 'angst about my future' with Rimu or 'angst about my past' with Atti.  Maybe it's just easier to write happy things?  I've no idea.

Turning to Aris' story should be interesting then.  Not at all angsty, just violent, dark.  More new people to play with:  Felicks, Mnemosyne, Henry, with special guest appearance by Aoi.  She really steps in it. <rim shot>

In-laws coming over in 90 minutes.  Better start drinking.

Oh:  it's Memorial Day here in the 'States.  My sincerest thanks to all who've served in our Legions; you're all the best!

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