Thursday, May 23, 2013


I took this week off my day job to work on what's really important.  That is, all those things my wife wants done around the house.

But, when she goes off to work and the girls are in school, screw that!  It's writing time!

So, I am pleased to announce the completion of Atti's script.  19,000 words, nine menus, six points tests.  Much darker than Rimu's story, but with many pleasant moments as well.  I very much enjoyed getting to know Atti's friends, Mitch and Will.  And what a sex drive that woman has!  Act 4 was longer than I'd anticipated, but Act 5 was short, and wrapped everything up nicely.  If the player makes it that far, of course.

The writing was easier; like anything else, the more you do it....  Maybe I need to take another week off?

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