Sunday, April 14, 2013

These are not just Words

They're people.  OK, sure, they're made up characters in my mind.

But why is it that, when I originally hoped to be done with Rimu this weekend, I'm still about 500 words shy of ending her Act 3?

There are some times when I want to just write dreck and get it over with.  Yet nothing happens.  I'll go away, do something else, and OH! Of course, that's what happens next!  How could I have been so stupid? [sit down, Aoi!]

I know my dear colleague wants to move the schedule up... as do I.  So far, increasing the caffeine and alcohol intake has done little else than insure that once I finish the story, he'll be coding over my corpse.  Fine by me, generally, but he'll miss the nuances.

Yes, yes... Izumi, Jun, Rimu, and Shirou are at the teahouse... I'm sorry I can't hear them right now.

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