Monday, April 8, 2013

Rimu Act 2

Done is done.

And by done I mean 80% done.  I'll nip and tuck at the fringes, but Act 2 of Rimu's four is written.  I'm sure Will can breath a sigh of relief.

As things stand, with little bits of code interspersed where I thought, Act two is the equivalent of 20 pages, or about 7200 words.

I would like to thank Lorri in Central for making me those extra coffees.  I'd also like to thank Bushmills and the entire Australian Barossa Valley for making Rimu Act 2 possible.

On to Act 3.  BEACH TRIP!  Bikinis!  Fanservice!  Unnecessary lecturning that I have to replace with dialog!  One more Bad End (that makes three!)

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