Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Download Links Available

On the main web-page!

And if they don't work, for Heaven's sake, tell me!


  1. Hello there.

    It worked. I downloaded it, no issue.
    The Visual Novel itself was somewhat very... displeasing and disappointing. I didn't like it, at all, to be completely honest with you.

    I´m sorry.

    Best regards.

  2. I found this when I was scrolling the re'npy database out of boredom. I was pleasantly surprised; it's leaps and bounds ahead of most of the free VNs. At the very least I played through all the routes and was entertained by each one in turn. I think the you got hit by a truck end was rather hilarious in it's bluntness: "get a girl or die!" I'll be looking forward to the full release.

  3. Linux version link is broken :-(