Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Week Left

Seven days to go... and I'm not worried at all.

Barring finding a HUGE plot error in Scene 6 two days ago.

That was an easy fix, but its mere existence horrified me.  I wonder what other little bomblettes are still in there?  Too late.... just too late.  The music and fx are in; the coding seems solid.  Limited feedback from the gamma release was not negative.

Will, hopefully, will set up a "Download Here!" button on this page, I think.  We'll have 50 copies on disc to hand out at our Ohayocon Panel, and I'd like to have about another 25 in my jacket pocket to hand out if anyone wants one (along with business cards... Will!).  That will be a mere two weeks after our January 4 release date.  Thank God I'd the conceit to lift that from 4LS as ours, too.

What an amazing five months this has been.

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