Friday, November 2, 2012

Stupid Writer is Slightly Less Stupid

After several days of gazing mindlessly at RenPy tutorials, it occurred to me, Hey!, why not look at some code of actual VNs from the LemmaSoft Forum... real-world examples had to be better right?

I thought this sober, after several days.

So, I d/l a VN, find the script.rpy, mix a drink, and start reading.  Did you see the plot point there?

It then occurs to me that, even better, is to run the game in one window while I follow the code in another.  Brilliant!  Calls for another drink!

And the second drink is enough to remember a conversation I had with a programmer from IBM about 11 years ago:  "Write code?  What?!?  No one's written code in years!  You just copy and paste what you need!"

With that bone now removed from my head, I open a THIRD window.  Now, when something happens in the VN that I don't know how to do -- but looks cool -- copy from 2nd window into 3rd.  I might make January 4th after all.

My world is best seen through the bottom of a highball glass.

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