Wednesday, October 3, 2012

See Aoi, I'm doing better.

Since our incept date of 4 August, Will and I have had over 1900 txt msgs about all this.  I'm guessing at least a third of them could've been distilled into dev posts (the other third being in-house dev, and the last third being just too weird to relate).

I'll endeavor to do that henceforth.  Now even.

After a tumbler of Scotch, within seconds I saw from Aris' sequel to O.K., "Through the Iris"...

"Cathbad, it... it is you?  You're free, as well?" Asked Aris.
"Yes, Lydia.  You were in longer, but my plans were as yours."  Cathbad looked at me, then turned back to Aris.  "I understand now why your preparations had to be... more complete."
Aris slid her hand into mine and drew close.
"It was... harder than I thought.  But Shirou and I..."  We glance at one another.  "He and I are the same now."  She says.
Cathbad chuckles.  "Lydia, it was always like that with you.  You set your mind on something--"
"Not to be a doorpost here," I interject, "but why do you keep calling Aris 'Lydia'?"
Both of them just stare at me, then Aris looks down.
"Shirou, when they first take us, they also take our names.  From then on, we are assigned mission-specific names."  She says.
Then, then... "So when they sent you for me, they gave you the name 'Aris'?"
She shakes her head as she raises it.
"No, no."  She smiles a bit.  "On my last assignment, I made a friend in the 19th Century.  We talked much of mathematics and reality and my... peculiar situation.  He called me 'Alice.'  When I came for you, 'Aris' was the best I could manage in your tongue."

And that's how I write.

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