Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coding and Too Many Words

Over the weekend pounded out another 300 lines of code, or thereabouts.  Got to Scene 17b and couldn't take it anymore...

     scene bg rest int
     with fade
     show aoi sc norm on right
     with dissolve...

Ahhh!!  Why can't they all just sit down and shut up!
Well, 'cause that'd make a pretty boring story... so more coding tomorrow.

At a productive ftf at Will's flat on Saturday afternoon, he correctly pointed out that one of my -- not really problems, but more like self-induced trouble -- is that I run this in my head like a TV show or anime; so, when I write the code for RenPy, I want the characters doing all those things I see... and what likely should be 50 lines becomes 150 lines.

I still think I can have the "brute force" code of all sprites, scenery and dialog done this weekend.  Then, I need to learn some more RenPy for things like pan, zoom, transition effects, conditional statements (if-then-else) and such.

Will's artwork continues to be superb.  I never knew Yuki has leonine eyes! (I would say Mithradaetid eyes, but that makes Will's head hurt)  I wonder where she got them?

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