Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brute Force

The first-pass coding of the brute-force, simple stuff, is complete.  RenPy puts me just shy of line 4200, so since I use spacers to keep things clear, I'd guess about 2000 lines of real written code.

That sucked.  Really.  "Show, slide, hide, scene...."  Awful, tedious work; all  my own fault, of course.

What remains are several dozen comment (#) lines where I have "put sprite here" or "show time passage effect."  Then there are those conditional statements (if-then-else) I need to learn;  "if arispoints > 3 then jump scene 20a else 19a", for example.  I'm looking at some of the other tutorial sites before I make a newbie nuisance of myself at LemmaSoft forums.

And "saw" another scene down Atti's path.  Jotted it down.  All five pages.  Will is going to kill me.  Worth dying for, though... older women are hot.

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