Wednesday, October 3, 2012

As Aoi would surely point out, "Stupid writer is stupid."  This is supposed to be a blog where we talk about development... and I've done... not tanjed much.  This was pointed out to me recently on the LemmaSoft forum.  So, properly scolded, allow me to get back to it.


I've taken the Word/PDF story and migrated it to the RenPy engine.  We're at about 2600 lines of code right now... and that's just the dialog.  I think the code for the images will double that.

We've several folks from Lemma and from Reddit that are proofing my writing.  Lord knows it needs it.  Thanks to you all!

After having a near breakdown that nothing was getting coded, wracked by guilt about thinking about further acts (rather than coding), all culminating in an unexpected trip down a flight of stairs in my house (and no, my wife was not right behind me), my dear artist said, "Clayton... calm down."  You could set an IED off next to that man and it might make his eyebrows twitch.

So, I'm trying to be calmer; and not so guilty.  It's worked.  In the past 48 hours I now know not only who Aris is, but what she is, and the structure of the the three Acts of her plot arc.  Dark, violent... not a happy place.  I'd call it Flannery O'Conner meets HP Lovecraft.  It's make a tremendous anime.

With Will's input, the bleak-blackness of Atti's life and loss continue to open to me.  I see the beginning and ending of that arc... the middle... got nothing.  But I will.

Aoi says the woods are dark and deep; and she's miles to walk before she sleeps.  Her Bad End is a tragedy... I hated roughing it out.

Rimu.  As I watched in a Katawa Shoujo YouTube review recently, anime cliches must be avoided.  As the path of least resistance -- and a "mundane" character like Atti -- I need to find some hook, something as awesome as Hetalia Prussia to make her story.  I know one of the main dramatic elements, but she needs and deserves more.

There.  Development.
I'll do better from now on.  Swear.

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